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Anamorphic tools
Release date: June 4, 2018
Creation date: June 4, 2018
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect AnamorphicFx.fx

This effect is a comprehensive toolbox to support anamorphic video. It automatically
pillarboxes or letterboxes, depending on the aspect ratio selected. It also has the
ability to pan and scan - in that mode there is no pillarbox or letterbox. Instead
the frame is filled and the pan and scan control is used to pan or tilt within the
corrected frame. That control will never overrun the frame boundary, and will always
be scaled to work across the full control range. This ensures that maximum precision
for pan and scan positioning is always available.

Finally, a letterbox function is provided to clean up anything unwanted. This is
applied after everything else, and cannot be zoomed or positioned. A comprehensive
range of preset aspect ratios is provided, but if they don't meet the need custom
aspect ratios from 1:2 (0.5:1) to 4:1 can be set manually.

NOTE: Where letterbox or pillarbox boundaries are exceeded the alpha channel will be
set to zero. That means that the output of this effect can be blended with background
layers using Blend, DVEs and the like.

Modified 2018-06-04 jwrl.
Range limited CustomAspect and CustomLetterbox to prevent divide by zero. I also
realised that I didn't need a second pass to perform the letterbox, so I removed it.
It won't make a huge difference, but it should execute slightly more efficiently.

Modified 2018-06-05 jwrl.
Re-ordered parameters, added the ability to correct non-full frame anamorphs.

Modified 2018-06-16 jwrl.
Explicitly defined addressing modes to avoid a flicker on frame boundaries.

Modified 2018-06-29 jwrl.
Changed PanPosition description to "Pan or tilt". Cosmetic only.
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