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Release date: Sept. 26, 2018
Creation date: March 14, 2017
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect De-interlace.fx

A fourth try at a de-interlace tool, still doing it the way that avoids Lightworks'
pixel height bug. It provides seven modes of operation: odd field only, even field
only, blended fields, odd field interpolated, even field interpolated and two blended
interpolated modes.

Depending on the mode chosen, this can require a maximum of three passes to execute.
On that basis it shouldn't place too much of a strain on any modern GPU.

This version is designed to work only on interlaced media of the same resolution as
the project, and to then export only at that resolution. If this is not the case
severe "combing" can result which may be impossible to remove.

Because it relies on the capability of the GPU to do pixel interpolation some tests
were felt necessary before release. It has been tested with an Nvidia Quadro K2200,
an Nvidia GTX-970 G1 and an Nvidia GTX-960. On those it was reliable in all the
interpolated modes with 1080i media in a 1080p project.

Modified 6 April 2018 jwrl.
Added authorship and description information for GitHub, and reformatted the original
code to be consistent with other Lightworks user effects.

Modified by LW user jwrl 26 September 2018.
Added notes to header.
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