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Dream sequence
Release date: April 9, 2018
Creation date: Nov. 26, 2015
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect Dx_Dreams.fx

This effect starts off by rippling the outgoing image for the first third of the
effect, then dissolves to the new image for the next third, then loses the ripple
over the remainder of the effect. It simulates Hollywood's classic dream effect.
The default settings give exactly that result.

It's based on khaver's water effect, but some parameters have been changed to better
mimic the original film effect. Two directional blurs have also been added, one very
much weaker than the other. Their comparative strengths depend on the predominant
direction of the wave effect.

This has been written to be compatible with both D3D and Cg shader versions. It
should therefore be fully cross platform compliant.

Version 14 update 18 Feb 2017 by jwrl - added subcategory to effect header.

Update August 4 2017 by jwrl.
All samplers fully defined to avoid differences in their default states between
Windows and Linux/Mac compilers.

Update August 10 2017 by jwrl.
Renamed from Dreaming.fx for consistency across the dissolve range.

Modified 9 April 2018 jwrl.
Added authorship and description information for GitHub, and reformatted the original
code to be consistent with other Lightworks user effects.
Definitions and declarations
Mix = (Mix < 1.0) ? Mix : ((Mix > 4.0) ? (5.0 - Mix) : 1.0);
float wAmount = (Amount 3.0);

wAmount = (wAmount > 2.0) ? (3.0 - wAmount) : ((wAmount < 1.0) ? wAmount : 1.0);
mixAmount = (mixAmount < 0.0) ? 0.0 : ((mixAmount > 1.0) ? 1.0 : mixAmount);

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