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Transporter transition
Release date: July 9, 2018
Creation date: July 9, 2018
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect Dx_Transporter.fx

This is a difference key controlling a Star Trek-like transporter-style transition.
It is definitely not intended to be a copy of any of the Star Trek versions of that
effect. At most it should be regarded as an interpretation of the idea behind it.
Unlike Transporter I, this is set up to be used in the same way as a dissolve.

The transition is quite complex. The key is only ever used to control the area that
the sparkles/stars occupy. During the first part of the transition's progress the
sparkles or stars build, then hold for the middle section. They then decay to zero.
Under that, after the first 30% of the transition the foreground starts a linear fade
in, reaching full value at 70% of the transition progress.
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