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Framed DVE
Release date: Nov. 16, 2018
Creation date: Nov. 14, 2018
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect Framed_DVE.fx

This is a combination of two 2D DVEs designed to provide a drop shadow and vignette
effect while matching Editshare's 2D DVE parameters. Because of the way that the
DVEs are created and applied they have exactly the same quality impact on the final
result as a single DVE would. The main DVE adjusts the foreground, crop, frame and
drop shadow. When the foreground is cropped it can be given a bevelled textured
border. The bevel can be feathered, as can the drop shadow. The second DVE adjusts
the size and position of the foreground inside the frame.

There is actually a third DVE of sorts that adjusts the size and offset of the border
texture. This is extremely rudimentary though.

Modified jwrl: 2018-11-16
Added antialiassing to the crop edges to reduce artefacts visible during rotation.
Added drop shadow scaling to compensate for varying shadow softness.

Modified jwrl: 2018-11-16
GitHub version only - added missing "_OutputWidth" declaration. It was already
present in the forum versions.

Given that currently X and Y rotation kills the frame depth illusion they have been
left out. If a true depth component could be included though, immediately several
things would become possible. Apart from allowing convincing X-Y axes of rotation,
directional edge illumination could be correctly supported and linked to drop shadow
angle, for example.

Unfortunately although modern GPUs all support working in 3D space, there seems to
be no way to do that using Lightworks effects programming - well, no way that I can
work out, anyway. For example, sampler3D and tex3D() both compile but neither seem
to do very much. I suspect that this is fated to remain on the to-do list.
Definitions and declarations
Returned values: crop.w - master crop
crop.x - master border (inside crop)
crop.y - border shading
crop.z - drop shadow