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Kaleido B
Release date: Nov. 17, 2018
Creation date: June 10, 2013
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect Kaleido_B.fx

This effect is a rewrite of Kaleido by baopao (http://www.alessandrodallafontana.com)
which was based on http://pixelshaders.com/ and corrected for Cg by Lightworks user
nouanda. Further modifications by jwrl corrected some divide by zero errors.

This rewrite of 17 November 2018 by jwrl addresses several bugs that were introduced
during compatibility fixing and other adjustments. A trigonometric bug caused by the
use of atan2() instead of atan() has been found and corrected. A modulo bug caused
by replacing GLSL's mod() with Cg's fmod() has also been addressed. The way that the
two functions handled negative values was different enough to cause problems. In the
debug process it was found that values of uv.x equal to PosX could have caused divide
by zero errors so that has been corrected. For the same reason, the Sides parameter
has been range limited. This means that setting Sides to zero can no longer fill the
screen with a single pixel (Windows) or black (Linux). Instead an oval pattern will
be displayed.

A slight user interface improvement is the change of the "Input" node to "Inp".
This should make routing displays clearer. Also aimed at improving the interface,
the removal of the original uv.x inversion and replacing it with PosY inversion now
allows dragging of the centre point of the pattern with the mouse in "Settings" mode.

Finally, the original creation date was found and added here.
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