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New strobe
Release date: Sept. 29, 2018
Creation date: March 31, 2018
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect NewStrobe_20180523.fx

Development of this effect was triggered by khaver's "Strobe" effect, but uses the
newer Lightworks variables to set the strobe rate accurately in frames, not as a
percentage of progress. While the logic for the older versions is similar to that
in khaver's effect, the implementation is entirely my own.

The legacy version incorporated in this effect can never be truly frame accurate,
since it operates by scaling the effect's progress. This makes the effect forward
compatible, i.e., if it is compiled in version 14.0 then subsequently used in 14.5
it will work, but without frame accuracy. It isn't fully backward compatible
because it won't work at all if it is compiled under 14.5 then used in 14.0.

Moderated 2018-05-02:
Changed user interface to refer to "Flash" settings rather than "Strobe". This
more accurately reflects what's going on. This required a change to the .PNG
files referenced in the header. They are now a single file incorporating both
user interfaces. Finally, the effect has been posted on the main forums.

Updated 2018-05-23:
Added a means of turning the background off and replacing it with black. This
should help the drag and drop multitrack editors.

Modified 29 September 2018 jwrl.
Added notes to header.
Preamble - sets version flag
Definitions and declarations
Parameters for version 14.5+
Shader for version 14.5+
Parameters for legacy version
Shader for legacy version