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Spin Zoom, RC
Release date: Aug. 30, 2018
Creation date: Oct. 22, 2017
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect Spin_Zoom_RC_180516.fx

This is a simple DVE tool that just does spins and zooms.
Created in parallel with Spin Zoom, in this version some of the parameters can be remote controlled.
If the remote control is not to be used, make sure that nothing or only black is connected in the "RC" input.
Rotation centring can be either set automatically or manually.
With automatic centring if a zoom out is performed the centre of the effect will be around the centre of input image,
otherwise it's centred on the full frame of the output video.

Compatibility of GPU Precision (Project settings):
A higher precision than 8-bit is recommended to make angle changes precise and fluent.

30 August 2018 by LW user schrauber:
- Increased precision of remote control (GPU precision setting: "16-bit floating point")
- Note: Unchanged file name. For an update of the previous version
the replacement of the file with LWKS restart is sufficient.

16 May 2018 by LW user schrauber:
- Remote control of the position of the effect center: The setting range now corresponds to the manual setting range.
- Subcategory defined, renamed file name and data relevant to the homepage.

20 December 2017 by LW user schrauber:
- Fixed missing brackets added to the revolution calculation
- Fixed unclear parameter setting (rotation center)

... More details:

Remote control channels:
Channel 1: Revolutions
Channel 2: Angle
Channel 3: Zoom, Strength
Channel 4: Zoom centre, vertical
Channel 5: Zoom centre, horizontal
Suitable remote controls can be found in the category "User" / Subcategory "Remote Control"
For this, the transmitting remote control is connected to the RC input.
The received remote control values are added to the values set within the effect.
To minimize the complexity of the effects settings, changing the remote control channels is not possible.
When selecting the optional remote control, please note that it transmits on the right channels
(for example "RC 1, Five channel remote").
If necessary, "RC 1, Five channel remote" can also be used as a channel converter
by remotely controlling this remote control as well.

Setting characteristics of the zoom slider
The dimensions will be doubled or halved in setting steps of 10%:
-40% Dimensions / 16
-30% Dimensions / 8
-20% Dimensions / 4
-10% Half dimensions
0% No change
10% Double dimensions
20% Dimensions * 4
30% Dimensions * 8
40% Dimensions * 16

Center of rotation:
Switch between automatic centering, and manually adjustable position of the axis of rotation.
Zoom >= 0: rotation center = center of the output texture
Zoom < 0: rotation center = center of the input textur
For this purpose, the program sections ZOOM and ROTATION are run through in different order.
Zoom >= 0: first ZOOM, then ROTATION
Zoom < 0: first ROTATION, then ZOOM

Inputs und Samplers
The code of this function is documented in the developer repository.
The link to this repository can be found in the forum:
Common definitions, declarations, macros
Sine and cosine of the set angle.
Position vectors
Direction vectors
Vector between Center(rotation) and Texel
Vector between Center(zoom) and Texel
Used only for negative zoom settings
The set value Zoom has been replaced by the formula (1- (exp2( Zoom * -1))) to get the setting characteristic described in the header.
Used only for positive zoom settings.
The set value Zoom has been replaced by the formula (1- (exp2( Zoom * -1))) to get the setting characteristic described in the header.
Skips the program section "positive ZOOM"