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Release date: Dec. 6, 2018
Creation date: June 3, 2016
License: unknown

Lightworks user effect Tenderizer.fx

This effect converts 8 bit video to 10 bit video by adding intermediate colors and
luma values using spline interpolation. Set project to 10 bit and set source width
and height for best results.

Note: the alpha channel is not changed, but there may be some image softening.

Bug fix 26 February 2017 by jwrl:
This corrects for a bug in the way that Lightworks handles interlaced media.

Modified 6 April 2018 jwrl.
Added authorship and description information for GitHub, and reformatted the original
code to be consistent with other Lightworks user effects.

Modified by LW user jwrl 6 December 2018.
Added creation date.
Input and shader
Definitions and declarations
xy = xy + (pixel / 2.0);
return seporg;
if (1 - direction) {